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Art that brings nature home

Art of the Earth is a style of Eco-Art that I started creating to honour all things nature. Conservation through creation. A refined process that takes primitive paint making techniques and adds a modern twist of design and texture. Every quarter I will be designing a new collection of original pieces, for art and nature lovers alike.

2021 Fall Collection

Terra Firma

Terra Firma is a collection rooted in Whistler soil. The word Terra Firma is of latin origin and means 'of the earth.' Each linen piece in this collection is painted with pigments from Whistler stone. A snapshot of flow. A gentle whisper of the same path we share with this earth. Always onward and upward.

2021 Winter Collection Coming March 2022


Solasta is a scottish word that means "luminous or shining.' With us now settling in the dark and deep months of winter we get to celebrate in the wonderful gift of snow. The play and joy it brings to those who see the silver lining in the frost. Made with crushed clear crystal quartz . The clear quartz is considered to be the light bringer, 'the stone of power.' A mighty crystal that restores balance during this time of grounded winter rejuvenation.

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