Leaves Shadow



A Fine art remembrance service for cremated loved ones and pets.

Life is a work of art and our celebration of life can live on. With hand crafted paints made from rocks and plants, your loved one will become one with the earth and the pigments.

Painted on all natural linen it is your personalized -memorial artwork 

that creates a beautiful life after death.


More than a memory


Making Paint

I create my art through forging of local sediments and flowers. With a mortar, a pestle and my hands, what was once ash and dust is now paint. When this primitive process takes form- it always reminds me that good things take time and great things take patience

Ashes to Ashes

The cremated remains are mindfully added to the pigments and become one with the natural colours and salts of the earth. As ashes to ashes, dust to dust comes full circle it is then painted a timeless natural linen.

One of a kind

Each painting has its own texture, movement and flow. Each direction gives a unique desired feeling. Acknowledging we all have a nature about us as individuals and I want that to shine through with every memorial artwork made.


Image by Kerri Shaver

Personalize your art

Do you have items of your loved one that has great significance to you? 

This is an opportunity to add these elements to your painting for more personal depth and meaning.

Image by Elena Joland

Making an order

Making an order is 3 easy simple steps.

First choose a size, a style and then a colour tone. I will follow up with a personalized consult to ensure all your needs are met when entrusted with the care of your loved ones remains.

Shipping your ashes

For shipping ashes all that is required for the art is one tbsp in a double sealed bag. You will need to label that it is cremated ashes and a tracking number is required. For other all shipping and FAQ see the bottom of the page.

Image by Ellieelien
Image by Annie Spratt

Why memorial art?

The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things,

but their inward significance.


I believe in sharing our stories. Who we are. Where we come from. What makes us come alive. I believe that everyone wants to leave a legacy. To be of purpose and of value.

Memorial artwork is giving your loved one an opportunity to let their legacy continue. To celebrate their life in an expression of beauty with nature.

It is a privilege to be entrusted with a loved ones cremated remains to form a memorial keepsake. 

Every life is a masterpiece.

Every creation is ceremony.

And I'm honoured to celebrate their story.

Your Heritage.




Pick your size OR order a custom 




pick your style of movement

each style has a different meaning 




color palette 




add personalized items to be added to paints if desired.

Rocks from area of significance, specific flowers or spices




CLICK HERE  to take the 2 to see the various styles and options

Things to know for Shipping 

Ashes can be delivered in person but If ashes are being mailed in please put 1 Tbsp of ashes  for each memorial artwork in a doubled ziplock bag and mail it in a tear-resistant envelope.  Mailing address will be sent upon order.

I require that your shipment includes a tracking number to ensure the safety, security and peace of mind for all.

Please include in the envelope:

Your contact information 

a copy of the order and a copy of the cremation certificate


For shipping within Canada, With Canada Post



Cremated remains

Acceptable Services

Within Canada:

  • Priority™

  • Xpresspost™

  • Expedited Parcel™

  • Regular Parcel™

U.S. and International:

  • Xpresspost™ - USA

  • Xpresspost™ - International

  • Expedited Parcel™ - USA

  • Tracked Packet™ - USA

  • Tracked Packet™ - International

You’re required to ensure:

  • The destination and return address are correct and complete.

  • The inner container is packed in a sealed container (urn or otherwise) and placed inside an outer container. You must protect breakable inner receptacles with enough packing material.

  • The outer container is durable and sift-proof.

  • A certificate of cremation, issued by the proper authority, accompanies the remains. You must enclose the certificate in a plastic envelope and secure it to the top of the parcel.

Shipping from The States: 

There are no restrictions sending cremated ashes across the Canada/US border.  You do have to declare cremated ashes on the customs form, include clear labeling inside the parcel or envelope, and ensure it can be seen in x-ray.

The USPS offers the only legal way to ship cremated ashes to a domestic or international address from the United States. USPS requires ashes to be mailed via Priority Express International Service.  

“451.22 Cremated Remains


Can you FedEx human remains?


Unfortunately not. When it comes to mailing cremated remains, shipping companies like UPS, DHL, and FedEx will not knowingly accept or transport them. The USPS offers the only legal way to ship cremated ashes to a domestic or international address from the United States


 "Importation of Cremated Human Remains Into Canada 9. Cremated human remains, because they do not pose a quarantine risk, do not require a death certificate. However, it is recommended that when transporting the cremated remains that the importer should carry a copy of the death and cremation certificate and ensure that the remains are in a container that can easily be scanned (e.g., cardboard, wood or plastic)."   http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/dm-md/d19/d19-9-3-eng.pdf 

If you are shipping cremated remains Internationally to Canada.


 You’ll want to check with the International Destination Listing for more information about prohibited and restricted items within specific countries or contact the funeral professional in your community for assistance. Any duty charges from packages sent via courier will be billed back to you.