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Terra Firma 12

Terra Firma 12


Terra Firma is a collection rooted in Whistler soil.

The word Terra Firma is of latin origin and means 'Of The Earth.' Each linen piece in this collection is painted with pigments from Whistler stone. A snapshot of flow. A gentle whisper of the same path we share with this earth. Always onward and upward.


“The soil is the great connector of our lives, the source and destination of all.”

- Wendell Berry


About Material for Final Product:

  • Mixed media texture on hand cut double filled linen
  • natural decal edging
  • Locally foraged rocks here in Whistler
  • Indigenous process turning stone into paint
  • UV protected 
  • Nature approved 



Size & Pricing


In inches and Canadaian dolllars



*Framing is sold seperatley. Custom orders can be made directly with artwork; 

matte and picture hanging system included.

Please inquire at time of purchase for your framing quote. Various color options and sizing available



Shipping is not included in price. You will be invoiced separately and shipping fees vary based on your distance from Whistler and the size of the art. 


Message me with any further questions and thank you again for your interest in my work                                       

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