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Image by Annie Spratt

My Story

ABOUT jenna


The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things,

but their inward significance.



I make art because I love it. There is nothing more satisfying to me then making other people feel good. And art feels good. First an RMT, then a graduate from McMaster University for Western Medical Acupuncture. It gave me wide range of tools and perspectives on treating the body; from eastern and western methods. My role as healer has blessed me with experiences from working with Cirque de Soleil to The Vancouver Canucks. From living in Vietnam as a physical therapist at an orphanage, to travelling through Northern Thailand & Peru to take extended education in healing. Being a registered massage therapist for over 12 years now, those aspects of healing others has crossed over into my creative world and has truly come full circle.

From a young age the creative arts have always been a world of wonder for me. My journey with art was made possible because of my amazing parents who supported me in all creative pursuits as an adolescent to adulthood. In my late twenties after many solo adventures overseas, I took a leap of faith  and was accepted to an art school for photography. That was the gateway bug for my creative itch. ​After graduation I started creating art on my small apartment deck in Kitsilano, Vancouver. With only 3 feet of space I managed to do resin pours using a blue tarp draped over a chair and a portable bbq. It was coined by friends and new clients as The Blue Tarp Studio. The journey of where I began to the current studio space in Whistler British Columbia has been nothing short of an adventure.

With a beautiful Vancouver studio with a group of other artists while living among nature in the stunning mountains of Whistler has been a dream come true. With my husband and becoming a bonus mom to 2 wonderful daughters, they have been my biggest teachers and I have learned many great lessons from them. One of the most important being- that all great things in this life take time and patience. A core ingredient in all Héritage pieces. They are a lifetime of one, transformed by a lifetime of practice, made for a lifetime to share.


This is a service of joy to celebrate life and pass on for future generations. I hope that your next Héritage piece gives you the peace and comfort that we all deserve. Love and light,



“I don’t think existence wants you to be serious. I have not seen a serious tree. I have not seen a serious bird. I have not seen a serious sunrise. I have not seen a serious starry night. It seems they are all laughing in their own ways, dancing in their own ways. We may not understand it, but there is a subtle feeling that the whole existence is a celebration.”  -osho



Did you ever imagine that your life would take a direction that you never expected?



That is precisely what happened to me in 2020 when my husband and I lost someone close to us. Losing my soon-to-be mother-in-law was heartbreaking and it left me feeling confused about how fragile life can be. In a surprising moment of grace and insight while studying primitive paint making, I realized something unexpected: That the stones I was crushing for paint was no different then the earth we become when we are cremated. 

At that moment HÉRITAGE was born and the belief that there can be beauty and celebration- even in our deepest sorrows has  carried me through the years of healing and creating art.


On this incredible journey of discovery led to a greater understanding of how we can transform even our most painful experiences into moments of joy.  Intention and purpose has always been a driving force in all my work, outside and inside the studio. Now Héritage is a calling for me to collide my creative arts with the arts of healing. I feel honoured, privileged and grateful to have this opportunity to share with you what has been a lifetime in the making.


Each memorial painting has its own texture, movement and flow. Each direction gives a unique desired feeling. Acknowledging we all have a unique nature about us as individuals and I want that to shine through with every celebration of life artwork created.


About My Mission

"My mission is to create artwork that is of significance. A visual narrative that is personalized with the salt of the earth. Weaved with the character of your fondest memories, pets and loved ones. 


Bringing peace and comfort not just in your heart but in your home.

I truly believe that inspiring creativity in others creates growth,

both personal & in the community.  


My life has been and will continue to be a piece of art in progress. Thank you to everyone who has been a stroke on the canvas, a pop of color, a smudge or a whole mural.

I look forward to creating your next art piece and celebrating  your story with you."

Award Winning Photographer & Featured artist at:

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Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 10.59.38
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Get in Touch

Im always happy to answer any questions you may have. About art, custom pieces, shipping and beyond.

There is also a link below for Help and resources that can help you decide which art is right for you.

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