My Story

When the healing arts & creative arts collide,

A beautiful fusion of

curiosity is born.

I'm in the trade of making people feel good.

I was put on this Earth to do 3 things;

To connect to other souls,

To make beautiful things,

Use the creative arts for healing.

Graduating from a 3 year massage therapy program, I valued professional development which expanded my passion for healing. I continued on to graduate from McMaster University for Western Medical Acupuncture, which gave  me wide range of tools and  perspectives on treating the body; from eastern and western methods.


Being an RMT for the past 12 years blessed me with experiences from working with Cirque de Soleil and The Vancouver Canucks. To living in Vietnam, Northern Thailand & Peru to take extended education in healing.

'Ola Azul' in her new home

My journey with art started at a young age and is possible because of my amazing parents who stand beside me in my creative pursuits. Over a decade as a full-time massage therapist, I took a leap of faith and was accepted to an art school for photography. That was the gateway bug for my creative itch. ​

I started creating on my small apartment deck in Kitsilano, Vancouver. With only 3 feet of space I managed to do resin pours using a blue tarp draped over a chair and a portable BBQ. It was coined by friends and new clients as The Blue Tarp Studio. The journey of where I began to the current studio space in Whistler, British Columbia has been nothing short of an adventure.

Now merging my forces of healing, creativity with a knowledge of color psychology,

my purpose is to create art that;

soothes the mind, improves moods, rejuvenates spaces, and fosters curiosity in the artist we all have inside.

Behind The Scenes

I proudly create each art piece with premium archival materials that are all hand picked and sourced locally.


The breathe work involved and   the movement of the inks 

creates one of a kind artwork that can not be replicated. 


Formed from a sense of play. 

A sense of adventure,

passion, and creativity.

Long Live The Curious

I truly believe that inspiring creativity in others creates growth; both personal & in the community.

 My life has been and will continue to be a piece of art in progress.

Thank you to everyone who has been a stroke on the canvas,

a pop of color, a smudge or a whole mural.

with love,

Award Winning Photographer & Featured artist at:

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