Glacier is a collection captured at a glacier in 

Whistler, BC. Glaciers shape our landscapes, provide fresh water

and are as beautiful as they are unique.


With rapid changes due to global warming these photographs are meant to hold the history of the mountain, and serve as a time capsule.

Preserving nature as it changes through the elements.

'Ice contains no future, just the past, sealed away'

 Haruki Murakami


                       GLACIER 1.0



                      GLACIER 2.0


                        GLACIER 3.0



                        GLACIER 4.0


                        GLACIER 5.0



                       GLACIER 6.0



                        GLACIER 7.0



                       GLACIER 8.0



                        GLACIER 9.0



                        GLACIER 10

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Jenna Jones Art is a Canadian Artist who creates unique fine art in Whistler British Columbia.

Working with clients and interior designers providing art for Vancouver and Sea to sky interiors. ©2020 by Blue Tarp Studio