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Fresh from the Studio

Not just a bowl. 

There is an intelligence in the hands. Something beyond our knowledge of how they carry out our tasks, read our minds and do the work we desire.

These bowls are matter of the earth, molded one by one with bare hands. Subtle movements, slight gestures to create the contours of character. Like a flower in a garden, every bowl is unique, delicate and elegant. 

Flowers of hope-3.jpg

About My Design

Each flower is uniquely designed and shaped by hand.

Once set, they are individually painted and coated with an elegant finish.

With their delicate beauty they are well suited for jewelry, candy or flowers,

Every piece is unique,

making this a perfect gift.

Flowers of hope-3.jpg

Flower of Hope

Hand crafted plaster, detailed 

and painted individually.

Finished with an elegant resin.

Flowers of hope-1.jpg


One color.

Flowers of hope-4.jpg


2 sizes o choose from.

Small and medium.

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