Jenna Jones Art is a Canadian Artist who creates unique fine art in Whistler British Columbia. Working with interior designers providing art for Vancouver  and Sea to sky interiors. ©2019 by Blue Tarp Studio

J E N N A   J O N E S

A Modern Artist

 My Art combines 3 elements; Breath, Movement and Water. A variety of breathing techniques to push the fluid mediums and physically moving the canvas to create flow. Many of the abstracts are inspired by bodies of water and nature. My way of paying it forward is to donate proceeds of my art to ocean conservation and clean up.



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My recent collections are an exploration of the balance between movement and color.

The art was created with the intention to blend calming compositions and soothing color palettes. Every abstract has the ability and versatilely to be flipped horizontal or vertical. This allows the viewer to see the art in their own image. A piece that can adapt to changing spaces yet remains as unique as you are.

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A Signature series

Breath in its physical form.

It's amazing when the 2 most important things that keep us alive and thriving, are married on a canvas. Water and the air we breathe. This series of paintings was discovered by a happy accident that has turned into a beautiful metaphor on living without expectation.



A challenge to go big

Topographical Abstract

When I landed my first studio space in Vancouver I was eager to use up every inch of it to create something I never deemed possible before. A 6 foot by 10 foot art project. An ambitious challenge to keep me focused. I had no expectations of what the final outcome would be so I could be curious and not critical.



A call to Relaxation

We all need rest. Time to recharge, invest in ourselves. Myself like so many others find that balancing act between doing and doing too much, a fine line that more often then not gets crossed. Yet the best creations have always been born from ideas from when I was relaxed and at rest.These ethereal pieces were made with the intention to hang as large fine art at my home. To serve as a reminder, that when we rest, we grow.



A beautiful collaboration where resin meets photography

When nature gets it turn to speak

This series was captured in the stunning Chilcotin mountains of British Columbia. The lakes were a remarkable combination of Tiffany blues and aqua hues that were not far from a tropical paradise. With a unique resin process that goes far beyond printing on a fine art paper.  

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My Story

In Search of Healing

Devoted to the art of healing for the past 12 years as a Registered Massage Therapist in Canada it has blessed me with flexibility for personal growth as a creative. Working with Cirque de Soleil as an RMT to working for the Vancouver Canucks, in my spare time I have always carved out space to create art I love.

I continue to make art with a purpose and intention for healing; for those who observe, and to help heal nature by making donations from art sold to Ocean initiatives.


Its really about how we choose to create one big masterpiece,

that at the end,

we can hang it on the wall-

and call it our life

-Jenna Jones

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