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Deeply inspired by the serene elements of nature and their ability to bring both peace and a sense of home. Jenna's artistic journey revolves around celebrating the profound connection between people and art, as she strives to intertwine abstract textures and tactile qualities that evoke wonder and facilitate healing. Guided by the earth and its pastel tones, her creative process takes on a primitive approach, using stones to craft paint through a meticulous mortar and pestle refining process. This unique technique infuses her artwork with the signature of the earth itself,  giving each piece a distinct connection to the natural world.

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Meet Me at Sunset- Fine Art Print

This art piece is an invitation to slow down. To take in and marinate in the little things, the small moments of bliss that we all share. Sunsets, sunrises and silence.


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"I make art because I love it. There is nothing more satisfying  to me then making other people feel good. And art feels good."

Jenna's art is inspired by the great outdoors and her hand made paints from stone carry the signature of nature.


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