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Special Edition - Meet Me at Sunset

Special Edition - Meet Me at Sunset


" Meet Me at Sunset " is an invitation to slow down. To take in and marinate in the little things, the small moments of bliss that we all share. Sunsets, sunrises and silence.


Created for and in collaboration with Nick Lewis- From Nick Talks Design.

The artwork is printed on archival fine art paper capturing the textures in all their depth and tones.


The Special Edition: Will have the same hand ground paint used in Nicks Actual original artwork from the stones in his rock garden.


Using refined primitive paint making technqies, Nick and I created a beautiful stone palette from rocks outside his home, to match all the earth tones inside the home. That same paint palette will be used for this Special Edition with hand painted marking on each fine art print, embossed and signed.


Artwork comes Framed: The artwork will come in a natural finish frame and ready to hang.

*The frame will be 18"x 24" inches  with a 12.875" x 18.875" window

Print size is 13.875 x 19.875



Shipping is not included in price. You will be invoiced separately and shipping fees vary based on your distance from Whistler and the size of the art.


Message me with any further questions at and thank you again for your interest in my work.



About My Art:

Through my art, I aim to create a harmonious bridge between the viewer and the tranquil essence of nature. By delicately balancing color, texture, and form. My compositions are an invitation to reconnect with the sacredness of the natural world.





Want to see behind the Scenes?

See the process behind all my original artwork on instagram




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