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Caring for your Artwork
The richness of life lies in the memories we share.

Caring for your artwork is important and encouraged as you will want to retain the quality for generations to come. Below you will see the best methods for taking care of  your keepsake.

Enjoy your complimentary paint palette and paint brush that was used for the memorial art.

Infused with the signature of your loved one, is now yours to cherish.


Use these wonderful mementos as tools for celebration; writing letters to your loved one on birthdays or anniversaries. From painting pictures, diary entries, to letters sent to sea.


It will become a world of endless possibilities to connect with your dearly departed in meaningful ways.

Pampas Grass

     Your HÉRITAGE  Legacy Art

  • Keep the Painting away from heat, oils, odours and moisture. Avoid the kitchen & bathroom.

  • Do not hang artwork in direct sunlight

  • Do not hang them near heaters or other heat-emitting appliances because that can damage the color pigments permanently

  • Clean with a dry microfiber cloth. Dusting, never rubbing the paint directly.

Paints and Brush

Your Memorial Paints 

  • Simply re-hydrate the paint yourself by using your paint brush dipped in distilled water and moving vigorously through container.

  • The paints are meant to be opaque and soft- if you want to add vibrancy you can add your memorial paint to other watercolor or acrylic paints.  Be sure to never mix other paints directly into the container. 

  • Once you are finished with the paint leave the container open until it is fully dry 24-48hrs. If sealed too soon their is potential for mold to build on or in paint conatiner.

  • If mold does occur on your paint- you can simply pop the watercolour out of the container and cut, shave or break off the part that contains growth.

  • When stored keep your paints airtight, in a cool, dry space. Warm, damp and dark spaces create environments for mold to occur.

Paint Brushes

Your Paint Brush

  • The paint brush should be cleaned with water and a mild soap.

  • Leave brush to dry after use and store in a cool dry space.

  • I encourage the sole use of this brush to be used only with the memorial paint set. 

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