Olivia Rey, Reyban to many, is a true shining light in our community!


Her strength and grit to overcome challenges has been nothing short of a miracle. After a car accident  in 2015  injuring her C6/7 vertebrae she is now showing us what true resilience is and she is doing it  while shining brighter than ever.


She is not only starting her Masters in Counselling program to take her healing for others to the next level. She has also started her own YouTube channel "Quad Life 101" giving tips and tricks on how she learned to conquer daily tasks as a quadriplegic.



She is an athlete with High Fives Foundation which is an incredible nonprofit organization that provides hope and resources for athletes to get back to their outdoor physical activities.


She is also an active member in the Whistler community and with the help of the Whistler Adaptive Sports Programs and some friends you can find Reyban cross-country skiing in the Callaghan, downhill sit-skiing on the slopes, or biking and kayaking in summers.



AAND .. yes there's still more, Olivia is now an Ambassador for Wing for Life World Run!  And if you don’t know what Wings for Life is, I will fill you in on it right here.



Who and what is Wings for Life (WFL)?


WFL is a nonprofit foundation raising money for spinal cord injury (SCI) research. Their mission is to eventually find a cure for SCI. Funding world-class scientific research and clinical trials around the globe aimed at healing the injured spinal cord.  



Through partnerships and support, 100% of funds raised by the FL World Run go to the most promising research projects around the world to help regenerate the injured spinal cord, but also funding research aimed to increase SCI individuals quality of life. 



The next WFL World Run is at 4am PST on May 9th, 2021. Even with all the extraordinary times we are living through right now, we can not only participate from our own doorstep, we have the opportunity to make a difference.




Where the INSPO-ART comes in.


The Art print- THE REY 100% of profits will go directly to WFL foundation so we can get closer to find a cure for SCI.


11x14 print- $38



The art is created with spinal cord awareness in mind, with an abstract light blue spine that blossoms upward. With tranquil hues of blue throughout, it is known as a colour for stability, productivity and  feelings of confidence. All the good feels we could all use more of.



You can purchase your REY today and support the many lives that need our help, all while gifting yourself, a friend or family member with a new piece of art.

Rad gift approved.



Where to show your support: Art can be purchased directly through this website below where it says Buy now.


And To find out more about the Wings for Life World Run I have provided the link below.



Sign up and join TeamCoast2Coast, where the goal as a team is to collectively run the distance from Vancouver to Halifax adding up to 5,500km:


You'll start running with thousands of people around the world at the exact same time (this explains our 4 am start in BC). You'll run as far as you can until the Catcher Car passes you. And you'll be doing all that running not only for yourself, but for a good cause. 100% of your starting fees goes into spinal cord research, so we can hopefully one day find a cure for SCI.