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How I turned my loss into light with one simple change.| The story of why I create Cremation art.

Updated: Mar 29

Did you ever imagine that your life would take a direction that you never expected? That is precisely what happened to me in 2020 when my husband and I lost someone close to us. Losing my soon-to-be mother-in-law was heartbreaking and it left me feeling confused about how fragile life can be. But then, in a surprising moment of grace and insight, I realized something unexpected: there can be beauty- even in our deepest sorrows.

This realization sent me on an incredible journey of discovery and led to a greater understanding of how we can transform even our most painful experiences into moments of joy. Here is the story of how I changed my loss into light with one simple change - cremation art; a deeply meaningful way for families to grieve together and celebrate the living legacy of their loved ones through artwork..

-Mike and I filmed an unofficial wedding ceremony- vows and all-

in our living room with an actual wedding commissioner in 2020. The video was for Mike's mother before she passed.

At first, I was overwhelmed with grief and disbelief. When the shock of my mother-in-law's death began to subside, however, I found myself drawn to a new idea: create an artwork out of her ashes. This was unheard of, but it felt like the perfect way to honor her life and keep her memory alive-an urn alternative that was as beautiful and expansive as she was. I was lucky enough to find books and in-depth studies on primitive paint making and this would be the first step in creating Celebration of life keepsakes.

After a year of perfecting my technique with stone crushing and turning them into archival paints, I discovered a calling all my own.